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Originally Posted by Steve Strickland1 View Post
One last question. The receipt sent to the user after they are charged - can that be modified with some additional text I'd like to include in the receipt - or should I start a new thread and/or search around?
Please refer to this thread:

As you mentioned in your previous post, I could use the window.setTimeout....and I am, but it's not working - and it's probably my fault for incorrect usage, since I know nothing about JavaScript. Do you know why it's not delaying for 8 seconds, but rather just does the redirect instantly?
The 'setTimeOut' function takes another function as a parameter so that the latter executes after specified timeout. Thus you will need to put your redirection code into a new function and put it as a parameter for the setTimeOut. Please refer to this document for the details:

If you need an assistance with this or want someone to develop the modification for you, please contact our friends from Qualiteam: .
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