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Originally Posted by Daniele Tondi2 View Post
Thanks I had already seen this documentation but I should recreate the form to add to the cart. It's possible?
Where can I find documentation on the names of the form fields?
Thanks again.

Hi, width product API, I was able to recreate the product form in my site. I try to add the xAddToBag function inside the form and the add to bag function goes perfectly width text area and select input fields. But with radio button I'm not able because I have not way to get (I believe) the correct input field ID (ex: gwt-uid-737) . My goal is to import dynamically the same products view in my site without copy and paste the product HTML code.
Thanks in advance.

I am afraid there is no easy way to dynamically generate product option drop downs with appropriate IDs to make them work in your script. You may consider on of the following solutions:
1) Use links to the product browser.
On the pages where you want to dynamically create and list single product widgets, display only product titles, short descriptions and thumbnails. Instead of the add to cart functionality, use a link to the product page inside product browser on a separate page, where customer will be able to see product details, choose option values and add product to the cart.

2) Do not display product options at all and require customers to select options upon adding a product to the cart.
To do so, you will need to set the 'Adding products to cart without selected options' setting in your control panel as 'Ask customer to select options'. This way, once a customer clicks Add to bag button in a single product widget, a popup-like window with option selection will appear. Screenshots:
- Control panel:
- Frontent:

Hope that helps.
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