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Question Forcing products to open in pop-up

I am trying to do what Kate Almond actually did on accident ( I want to use thumbnails of the product that cause the product window to open in a pop-up window when clicked. As seen in the image below:

My store is set up on Blogger & I am hoping to get this implemented before adding my new products. I have set up two testing static pages to try to get this figured out they are located here:

Where the product browser is installed:
Where my thumbnails are located:

Per the thread I linked to above I have made two different thumbnails with different URLs. The top most one has a URL that points to the current page of the thumbnails postfixed with #ecwid:category=0&mode=product&product=2086653. This in theory, according to the thread, should cause the product details to open in a pop-up. Sadly this does not occur & I can't figure out why.

Any insight into how I can fix this & have the thumbnail open in the pop-up? Thank you for any help you have.