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I have been reporting this issue for Donkey's years too!
its what makes the Ecwid Plugin for Wordpress unusable along with three or four other issues i experience. Reeaaaaaalllllllllllyyyyyyy sloooooooooooooowwww to loaaaaaaaad
I would like to know if the users who experience this use Bluehost Hosting?
because Bluehost put a cache plugin (non removable essential) into their simple scripts installs
this causes a lot of slowness. I deleted the Bluehost cache plugins using ftp access to the root folder of server manually, and my wordpress site and ecwid plugins got faster.
One further scary matter is that, this problem has been fixed a few times already and it speeded up again, but then after an Ecwid plugin update and/or any wordpress update or other plugin update (which come constantly), the plugin slows the site down again. So every time it is fixed, this does not guarantee that it wont revert to becoming slow again after some updating is done
My conclusion was to remove the plugins, and use the normal Ecwid widget instead.
But of course this robs us of the great SEO from the plugin which is readable by google. hence, the best SEO is to make a page in wordpress for each category of your store and blog some text into it for google to catch, and insert the widget, but NOT use the Ecwid for Wordpress Plugin, because it poses potential dangers of the issue returning often, after every update of one or more of the wordpress plugins, and the wordpress software itself

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