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Default Customer Retention and Loyalty App - Beta Testers Wanted!

Hi All,

My name is Josh, and I'm one of the founders of ChainPerks, a tool to help e-commerce sites bring their existing customers back to their site. ChainPerks uses the merchant's business data to suggest loyalty campaign(s) tailored to the business, and then runs the campaigns that the merchant selects on their behalf -- this means marketing the campaign, providing redemptions, tracking progress, etc. Feel free to check out our website:

We're going to make our debut with Ecwid in a few weeks (mid to late June), but in the meantime we're looking to start with some beta testers. If you'd be interested in a tool to help retain your existing customers and would be willing to test ChainPerks out with us, please send me a message directly or respond to this thread!

We're looking for approximately 3 - 5 beta testers at this point, so please don't be insulted if we tell you that we're full If you're not selected for the beta, we'll certainly let you know when the live product is available in June.

Thanks in advance for everybody's help!

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