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Originally Posted by Andrea Kollo View Post
Hi ... geesh it seems like I'm throwing out a lot of issues.

I need a sitemap. I created one using a generator xml-sitemaps to be specifi and its only picking up my tabs like home, contact, about etc. It is NOT picking up any of my categories or subcategories and I don't understand what's going wrong and why its not picking up my inventory pages.

I would be grateful for some help with that. As well, when it says to put it into the root folder, what exactly does that mean? Do I put it on my index page where the Ecwid code is or do I need to create a special root folder for it?

Sorry ... and thank you.
Hi Andrea,

Thank you for contacting us.

First of all, let me explain what Ecwid is:
This type of application allows easier and quicker interaction between user and website as pages are not reloaded for content to be displayed. With AJAX, several multi purpose applications and features can be handled using a single web page, avoiding the need for creating several web pages.

When these applications were first introduced, none of the search engines could ‘see’ and index the content that these kind of applications created, because the search engines only see a static content, which you can see in your 'View source' page in a browser.

Let's take your store page for example:!/c-1915-1...ategory=178594!/Jugendst...ategory=178594

Essentially these two links are the same page, however the content created dynamically is different due to different content after the '#!' symbol.

In case if you use Ecwid plugin for then there is a Google sitemap generator available, which is fully integrated with Ecwid plugin, thus no action required from you.

However if you use a custom built website, so I see two options here for you:
- Place each product to a separate page in your website, thus each product and category will have its own page on your website and the links will appear in the sitemap file, just like your other links now. You can display a specific product on a website page using these instructions:
And these instructions on how to display a category by default:

- Generate the sitemap using Ecwid API, which allows you to get direct link to a product. So a custom solution will communicate with your Ecwid store via API and get links for products. After that it will pass those links to your sitemap generator of the sitemap itself and you will have a sitemap with links to your Ecwid store products. That solution will require custom programming, so if you are not sure how to do it - please contact a professional developer.
See the API documentation here: (url parameter).

Thank you.
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