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Originally Posted by chih cheng View Post
Dear All:
Is there any new thread for this bridge between the joomla and ecwid which will be most important to avoid all the shopping cart issue that happen in the joomla intergration with any cart. Since the ecwid been call bridge should be able to very easy to plug a utility to allow the owner to create a link table between the joomla and ecwid, and avtive the cookie when the member log on the joomla then the cookie can be used as the initial user information to pass to ecwid.
any one have a good through or this utility already done?

Hi Cheng,

We agree that it is a very important and necessary feature. The "Single Sign-on" feature which will allow one to use your site`s account in Ecwid and vice versa.

BTW, it's already possible to create a workaround using Google Friend Connect:
Eugene K.
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