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Default Inventory and Sales Excel Spreadsheet Workbook: Very Robust: Download and Try

Christian Thanks for the reply. I'm using version 1.0 and I did look over 2.0 to make sure it wasn't already there. I later realized it would be difficult to add it to the monthly sales tabs because each item has to be entered separately instead of as one complete order.

To keep track of the postal charges and fees I simply added a new product to the master inventory and called it Postal Fees. I'm able to enter the price I paid at the post office in the "Unit Cost" field and the price the customer paid in the "Price" field. I then am able to enter this item on the monthly sales tab after I enter all the items for a particular order. This will work and I will just have to add a new postal fee product (with new item ID) for each order.

I really like this workbook and again thanks for the reply.