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Originally Posted by Ebony Mensah View Post
I have the business plan. I am trying to assign separate available quantities for different sizes, but it is not giving me that option. The how to video in the knowledge base is no longer working so I can not even view this for help. I tried to do this in the product variation screen. Help please!


I've checked your account and confirm that this feature (product variations) is available to you. You can configure variations for a product in Ecwid control panel, Catalog -> Product -> product page, tab Option>Variations. Please mind, a variation requires that the product has at least two options since it'll be a variation of these options. If product has only one option (e.g. size) you can't create a variation. For ex., you have product "Striped Flower Top" that has two options, size and color. This top may be available in different colors and sizes, so you can add variations like
- blue, xl
- blue, 2x
- black, 3x
Each variation can get its own SKU, price, quantity, images, etc.
If a product is available in only one color and different sizes, you can create option 'Color' with one value, and then add variations based on this color and the sizes.

Please, refer to our knowledge-base for setup instructions:
(If you meant the video from this article, sorry, it looks like it was removed from youtube. I've deleted the reference from the article.)
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