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Originally Posted by Michael Ternest View Post
I tried to add bancontact with stripe as a payment on my wix website (Belgium).
Everything was approved on stripe, but the bancontact doesn't display as a payment possibilty.

Is there anything else I can do so I can accept bancontact ? (Other service or etc)

Any help or ideas ?

Thanks in advance,
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Hello Michael,

Currently there is a payment gateway that is integrated with Ecwid and supports Bancontact method - Multisafepay. For more details on this question, please refer to this article:

As for Stripe - it is as well integrated with Ecwid and can be used as a payment method in your store ( Using Stripe to accept Bancontact payments in Ecwid may also be possible, however, this would require developing a custom integration. Here are the links to the documentation:

Ecwid API
Stripe&Bancontact API

Please, note that this is an advanced way of integration. If you need technical assistance, you can hire a developer who can do this for you, or if you'd like, you can fill out this form: and our Customisation team engineers will be glad to help you develop a solution (if there is any), on a paid basis.

Hope this helps. Please, let me know should you have further questions. I'll be glad to help.
Daria L.
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