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Originally Posted by Kelly Eyde View Post

I noticed that 600px and smaller for the screen size, the shopping cart list set to "display: none !important".

I've tried to resolve this with CSS and Javascript. CSS both in my main styles file and on the subpage template for C5 that I have made.

I have also written JQuery for this:

HTML Code:
setTimeout($('.ecwid-minicart-floating').css('display', 'block !important'), 5000);
(different timeout times and without timeout completely)

Nothing seems to work.

Any ideas?


Ecwid Customer Care team is here. Thank you for reaching out!

Can you please share with us a link to your store where we can see the described behavior? So, we'll be able to inspect it and provide you with a possible solution.

Thank you.
Ecwid Customer Care Team
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