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Originally Posted by Dragon Tea View Post
The background of my website is very dark and I would like to change the color of the title and the Qty for each of my embedded products. Currently they are dark blue and difficult to read. I'd like to change them to #f6f4f0
Here is my website.
Can anyone help?

**The above link is to my market page, where I keep track of my real-world orders so I know what stock levels I have.

Ecwid allows to customize the design of your store almost in any way with help of Custom CSS Themes. Please check this article for more information:

In order to change the color of the title and the Qty for each of your embedded products, you need to add following CSS code to your active CSS theme (Ecwid control panel -> Settings -> Design -> CSS Themes-> Your active theme):

.ecwid-SingleProduct .ecwid-SingleProduct-qty .gwt-InlineLabel, 
.ecwid-SingleProduct .ecwid-title {
  color: #f6f4f0; 
Then click "Save” (Ctrl+S) and reload the storefront page.

Also, I’ve noticed you used our Single product widget to embed your products into your website, i.e., you put the product's HTML code (from Ecwid control panel ->Catalog ->Products ->product page tab 'HTML code'). It is used to show only a single item with product name, price, thumbnail and 'Add to bag' button. That's why now there are no links to the details page with description and other details. Basically single product widget is useful when you want to design your own page with your own elements and just insert the 'Add to bag' button.

I can recommend you to show full catalog, with products and categories listings and product details pages on your website using our Product Browser widget. Product Browser is the main Ecwid widget, it populates shopping cart with product listings and product detail pages. If you instal Product Browser widget, all your products will be clearly shown on the store page, where the widget is installed. Product browser provides clear and simple catalog layout to give the customers the best buying experience. You can check how it looks on your Starter Site and in our demo store.

Also, if you install Product Browser widget, the store page on your website will load more faster. Currently you have a lot of embedded codes for your products in the source code of your website and the store page loads rather slowly. It occurs, because when the store page is loaded, the browser loads and applies these codes from top to bottom and it is needed a time to load them all. So, the usage of our Product Browser widget will speed up the process for the load time of your website.

Hope, this helps! If you need further assistance, please, let me know.
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