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I'm Edward from Ecwid Team.

I sent you a reply via email. Also, please let me clarify the situation in this thread as well.

As I understand, you are referring to the Ecwid Mobile app. When you sign into the Ecwid mobile app on the Free plan, you get a 14-day trial for the app. When two weeks pass, you cannot access the app on the Free plan.

Note: we do not have any plan trials. We have a Free plan that has a permanent $0 fee and paid plans with fixed fees. This trial is only related to our mobile app for managing your Ecwid store.

I've checked the records of your account, and here are the timeframes:

— you signed into the Ecwid mobile app on July 13, 2018. This moment the 14-day trial started
— 14 days later, on July 27, 2018, your trial period expired
— thus you cannot access the account via the mobile app

You still can continue managing your store in the Ecwid web control panel at

Also, all your store settings and data are intact. So when you sign in via the Ecwid web control panel, you will see the products you added, and the settings you configured — no data is lost. You just cannot access the mobile app while you are on the Free plan after the trial ends.

If you want to use the mobile app and manage your store from there, then you need to subscribe to one of our paid plans: You will have the unlimited access to the app, as well as various features that the plan you select offers

I hope this information is helpful! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
Ecwid Customer Care Team
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