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Originally Posted by Tier One Designs View Post
Tim, would the ecwid xero integration have a monthly fee associated with it or would it be a solution with a one time cost to integrate ecwid and xero?

Based on the nature of this type of integration, in order to keep development and support costs in line it would be subscription based. The 2500 would be for the initial development.
I am trying to keep the subscription price around $1 a day. On average you can save 1-5 hours a day in processing time. Compare that with the cost and accuracy of an employee! Without this model it could get quite costly for everyone involved. There would be a charge every time a change would be required to keep up with Ecwid's changes.

As an online alternative to xero, without added development cost I will be offering integration with QuickBooks online. I hope to be in beta by then end of the month. Let me know If you would like to be on the beta program. Any web developers out there interested in a incentive program I'd be happy to talk.


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