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Question ecwid and joomla problem with integration

My new website is an integration if Joomla and Ecwid. This was done as I had wanted a site that I could change the look of the home page and enter product all in one place.
This, we did achieve, but two very important criteria s seem to not be possible.
a. Social networking, (as ecwid does not integrate with joomla?) is very hard because our web address cannot be linked showing the product. In other words only joomla information is conveyed when a product is being featured. The like banner for FaceBook works, but I the administrator cannot ‘share’ with my fans on FB. I can like it on my personal page.
b. The website does not work on smartphones.
I still need a few little things to, like a “like us on Facebook banner and a “follow us on twitter” on the front page and for all the “add on banner to work appropriate.
In conclusion, the website is in need of recommendations and/or someone who knows how to fix it. I am also open to other suggestions.
My question to you:
a. Do you know the solution to my dilemma with Ecwid and Joomla?