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Originally Posted by Casey Peoples View Post

How do I create my layout to be like the above site?

Also how do you do the part on the far right with artists?

How do you do the part under new and noteworthy?

Basically how do you do the layout of the site link above for my own store?
In order to show products as on provided example, you will need to develop custom products list using our Product API. Product API allows you to get the list of your products in array format, which can be displayed as you needed.

If you need a professional help with custom product list development, I suggest you to contact our colleagues from Qualiteam. Please, send a message with description at for quote.

Quote:!home/mainPage that is the site I am working on... and there is an issue. I show the categories on the left but instead of showing the products on the right of it in the blank space it shows up in a weird box . See site to see what I mean. How do I fix this?
The reason why products list shows in pop-up window is that you have not installed Product Browser widget yet. Product Browser widget is the main Ecwid widget, which is used for all Ecwid pages displaying (categories and products lists, cart page, checkout, etc.), therefore, if this widget wasn't installed on the page, all content shows in pop-up.
In order to fix it you should add Product Browser widget code (Ecwid control panel -> Dashboard) in the right part of your site.

Once you do this, everything will work as expected.
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