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Originally Posted by Carol Fazzini1 View Post
in this moment on my e-commerce i can see 3 categories (dimension 350x350 each) on each row, so i see a kind of table formed by 2 row and 3 colums.
But when i resize the screen (such as using a 13" screen), i can see only 2 categories on each row of my ecommerce (dimension 350x350 each), so i display a table made by 3 row and 2 columns.
How can i resize the dimension of categories on the basis of the screen dimension? (I would like to see 3 categories for each row also using for example a 13" screen).

Thank you
Hi Carol,

Thank you for your question!

Basically, Ecwid has a responsive layout. It means that your store front widget adapts automatically to the screen size of the device that you use to view the store.
Thus, at the wide screens the product/categories grid rearranges to display more items in the single row.
And at the narrow screens the quantity of items in the row is changed so they are displayed one under another.

There are two tools that you can use to manage this behaviour:
1) Change the default quantity of products/categories per page as described here:
2) Change the size of product/category thumbnails in Ecwid Control Panel > System Settings > Design > Thumbnail Sizes

These tools will help you to adjust the look of your storefront page to look the optimal way.

Please try it out and let me know if you have anymore questions. I'll be glad to help you.