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Unfortunately, the store may be closed only as a whole entity, and not partially by separate categories or products. What you can actually do as a workaround is to put the categories of the store onto separate pages on the site, and then close the pages on your site someway, prohibiting the access to the products on them based on hours. To do so, you can do the following:

1) Put the categories you want to limit this way into their separate parent categories, and then disable those parent categories. This will hide the specific categories you would like to limit on certain hours from the generic listing of your Ecwid shop.

2) Embed those specific categories (not their parents those you have disabled in the previous step, but exactly the target categories) onto separate pages on your site:

3) Establish any mechanism that will control the availability of those separate pages on your site - either manually or on some automated schedule (this rather depends on the content management system that you use for youк site).