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Default Discount Coupons for $ off that come off every eligible product in cart

I badly need the ability to have my discount coupons set at $s off and have every eligible product in the cart get the $s off. Currently Ecwid only allows discounting in the cart of the $s off eligible on one product.

So if the customer purchased 3 tickets for example, and they all are eligible for $1 off with a discount code, then the customer would get $3 off. Currently Ecwid will only take $1 off.

This has screwed up all my current advertising and I have had to go to a less clean % off. Here is what one of my advertisers has said about it:

We are not fond of percentages unless they are easy math because consumers typically don’t like percentages. 50% off is a super easy one because the math is a natural – “oh I get to take half off”. 30% off, not so easy.

We also suspect your redemptions will go down if we swap to a percentage.