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Originally Posted by Brother Antonio View Post
Ok, well that did not take long... I just got back to working on my site and already, another bug. In some strange way it again seems to be related to the shipping settings but at the same time not directly... This is feeling very frustrating for me because if I have to start becoming "Ecwid's bug reporter", that is not a job a signed up for and is not a sustainable situation for me. I am also very open minded and am willing to continue to try for a while some trouble shooting just to make sure it is not something I am doing on my end.

So, here IN DETAIL is a new BUG that happened for me in the short 30 minutes I was working on my site...

11:54PM EST
- I entered a new discount in the promotion area of my store.
- It was for products $1000 or more and I offered a 10% off the total.
- I then tested it in my cart and it worked fine.
- I went back into my settings and then went into the shipping settings to continue to work on shipping options.
- I re-ordered my shipping options.
- I then also selected the "ship to residence" option for my "Ground Shipping" option which is really FedEx Home Delivery but i have it labelled differently.
- I then went to check my cart again to see how the new shipping methods propagated. They all worked fine BUT THE $10% DISCOUNT DISAPPEARED in the cart (yes I had over $1000 of products in the cart).
- I went back to the promotion / discount control panel to check and sure enough the discount I had entered and saved and confirmed in my cart was now gone!!!

So, I am not sure why changing something in my shipping settings would affect the promotions area, but that is what happened.

Again, these are the kinds of bugs I experienced last Thursday when working on my store. Random edits I had made were "un-doing" themselves once subsequent changes were made in unrelated areas.

I am leaving my settings as they are in this moment. I am NOT re-adding the promotion again until I hear from you. I beg of you to PLEASE look into this further because, as I stated in previous posts, I am suspecting there may be a larger bug happening in your system that has not bee found or addressed.

Thank You,

~ Antonio ~

Thank you for the detailed report.
I've tried to repeat your steps: created a discount (at Promotion>Discounts), checked it was working OK, then changed shipping setup, then checked back the discount. It remained there and working.

We're going to closely examine your store records to find out what happened to your discount setup. I'll keep you posted.

Well, the shipping seems to be working now. I promise you that I wrote my last post, it was not working. The only option showing up was the $0 call in option. None of the automated ones were working. They are there now for sure I am hoping this is the end of it.
With online shipping, the rates are calculated by the carriers (like UPS). So your store sends a request to UPS, who replies with rates and services corresponding to these order details. The rates can depend on weight, total amount, parcel dimensions, UPS account setup. There may be different reasons that no rates are returned: we specified some in this article
Let alone there might be issues with the carrier's servers.

So each case needs to be examined separately. When you notice again that your real time shipping isn't working, please send us this information: when and what time it happened, what products were in the bag, what shipping address was used. It will help us in troubleshooting.

P.S. you may want to report bug reports here
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