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Originally Posted by Greg Myshrall View Post
So I have to enter every postal code for a province to charge them all the same tax rate?

I can't even find such a list that won't drive me insane clicking on each town individually to get its postal code.

Somebody please tell me this isn't so.

Thanks for any help.



I could ship to the US or Canada but without taxes. I created different provincial zones but each time I put a tax rate in for a new zone it also set to all the previous zones which need to be different. Is this because I put no postal codes in?


Found issues with my Canada Post setup.
Hi Greg,

Sorry for delay with the reply. Let me explain how taxes are set up.

Ecwid allows setting up taxes for different regions, countries and zones, which you can specify with the help of destination zones.

You can create destination zones limited to any geographic region. For example, you can create a destination zone only for one country. If you want to set up the same tax rates for several countries, you can include all those countries in one destination zone. Then, when you create a tax, you will need to simply choose this zone from the list. Please, check this article to know more how to create destination zones

Zip codes are used when you want to create a destination zone for a very small area, usually within a city. In this case using zip codes is the only way to define the area. You can find more details on how to use zip codes in destination zones in this article

So, if you have the same tax rates for all customers from Canada, you need to create one destination zone, where you add Canada in “Countries” field, see the screenshot Then, when you create a tax for Canada, you should choose this destination zone in the list of zones, see the screenshot In this case this tax will be applied to all customers from Canada. Please, refer to this article to see how to create taxes

If you want to set different taxes for different provinces, then you should do the following:

1. Create destination zone for each province. Go to your Control panel > Settings > Zones > click "New Zone" button. Name it as the province (e.g., Quebec), add Canada in "Countries" field. In "States" field click "Add state" button and choose the province from the list. Click Save.
2. Create a tax. Go to your Control panel > Settings > Taxes. Choose all the necessary settings for the tax and choose the province in the list of Zones Click Save.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each province. If you have the same taxes for several provinces, you can create one destination zone for these provinces.
In this case at checkout when a customer chooses their Canadian province from the drop-down list, they will see the tax only for their area.

If you still have questions with setting up taxes in your store, please describe how exactly you want to set up taxes: which rates and for which countries. Then I’ll be able to give you more detailed instructions.

Hope to hear from you. Also, feel free to contact us if you have any other questions about setting up your Ecwid store.
Ecwid Customer Care Team

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