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This is Anna with Ecwid team, thank you for the message!

Although there is no built-in Ecwid feature that allows setting up preorders, there is a workaround you can use.
  • - you can create products in your Ecwid catalog, so your customers can see the product info.
  • - the default Ecwid text labels can be translated to any custom text with the help of the Storefront Label Editor app (for example, the "Add to Bag" button can be translated to "Preorder", "Place Order" - to "Submit Enquiry", etc) . Thus, you can adapt your Ecwid store according to your business needs. Here you'll find the instructions:
  • - you can create an offline payment option for your store, so your customers can place an order without paying for it online. The instructions are here:
  • - as soon as a customer submits the order, your store administrator will receive an email notification about the sale. Also, the order details will be available in your Ecwid Control Panel.

I hope this information helps.
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