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Originally Posted by olb View Post
I need to clarify something for myself here by someone who knows: how can i avoid getting duplicate content penalty as there is two of each page, one on my and one on my store, with identical content with very little deviation. Can you please help me understand how this is handled by Google and how I can avoid potential issues with duplicate content on two separate pages. I can easily live with the duplicate title and description issues as i have separate pages on wix itself targeting seo, but i do not want to get duplicate penalties and this is a question to ask.

Hello Ali.

Starter site is not indexed by search engines in any way so you can be sure that the content on your Wix storefront doesn’t get duplicated in search results by Starter site. Currently Ecwid stores that were added as an app for Wix websites are indexed automatically by search engines just like Ecwid plugins for Joomla and Wordpress sites.

Ecwid is an AJAX application and so are all websites that are made in WIx site builder, therefore these websites use #! in links, which means that they are compatible with the Google AJAX specification. Wix provides unique links for all its applications which request for the needed content.
You can test it yourself by replacing the “#!” with “?_escaped_fragment_=” in the address bar of your browser.
For example:

You can check how your website is indexed by Google using Google webmaster tools.
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