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Originally Posted by 582 Trees View Post
Thanks so much Wendy!

This has worked perfectly for the email input on my cart page, but what about the item quantity field on both the product page and the cart? Is there a way to change these to white too?

I note that on the product page the initial text in the field is white, but as soon as I change the quantity the text reverts to black.

You might also note that my hovering shopping cart logo is quite dark now for some reason - it used to be white but I'm not sure why it has changed color. It would be good to change this also. Thanks in advance!

This is Una from Ecwid Customer Care team. Thank you for reaching out. I’m here to help!

I see what you mean. I picked up a CSS code that will change the color of the text in the quantity field on the product and shopping bag pages and of the shopping cart icon. Please add this code to your active CSS theme and save the changes:

.ec-size .ec-store .form-control__text, .ec-size .ec-store .form-control__textarea {color: white;} {background-color: white;}

.ec-minicart .ec-minicart__counter::after {background-color: grey;}

.ec-minicart .ec-minicart__counter {color: white;}
I have tested the code in Chrome Dev Tools and here is the result:

I hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us via this form: We will be happy to assist.

Best regards,
Una Q.
Ecwid Support Team
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