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Originally Posted by Margriet Pronk View Post
Well, I am happy that I discovered Ecwid just in time. I love the webshop and the intuitive way of working very much and I am very happy with my store.

I upgraded to the Silver plan and I got two emails together.

One from, that I paid 14.07 euro and that there is a bill interval every 1 month until cancelled.

Second from that the following recurring order for Qualiteam Software Limited has been canceled and will no longer bill.

Why is that?
We are sorry, that was a bug in Ecwid's billing system - some new subscribers were automatically unsubscribed in a moment after paying. It is now fixed and will not occur anymore. Unfortunately, your account was affected to this bug too, please accept our apologies - this was purely our fault.

This, however, only means that the recurring billing will not occur to your card (i.e. there won't be any further automatic payments in a month), unless you start a subscription anew - and still the purchased month of premium functionality available on Silver plan has been entered to your account, so in the upcoming month you will be a Silver plan user. The ability to use Silver plan will still retain for your account after the new plans are introduced. So, if you wish to continue using premium functionality, you will just have to re-subscribe again.