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Originally Posted by Subd View Post
I have a store, that I've actually only just set live... it is embeded on two websites.

> In both cases, I have chosen 4 columns - but in both cases, it shows less. In one site it shows 3 per row and the other, just 2 ... is there a way to force 4 at a certain pixel width?



Thank you for any help!


It’s Daria from Ecwid Customer Care team.

When you set the number of columns, Ecwid shows the maximum possible number which can be displayed. I've checked the two links which you sent. Ecwid shows 3 and 2 columns because there is not enough space to show more.

To display more columns, try these steps:

1. Decrease the size of thumbnails.
To do it, go to Settings > Design > scroll down the page > Appearance.

2. Make the container with Ecwid wider.
You should do it in the website editor, where your store is added.

Let me also mention here for other users who come across this thread the link to the article about advanced settings for the Product Browser: That is about how to define the number of columns and rows.

By the way, since you are on a paid plan, you can get faster support by reaching us via email or in chat. To do it, click on 'Chat with us' button in the right upper corner of your control panel.

If you have any other questions, feel free to write back. We are always glad to help.
Ecwid Customer Care Team

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