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Originally Posted by Linda Fufufashions View Post
Thanks for the reply. I did do the migration (I thought) and created my Ecwid account way back then but never checked it until recently. That's when i discovered that when i log into Payvment, i go to Ecwid automatically but none of my products moved over as i thought they did when the switch was made. I created my account back then. I have the free account with 100 free product listing as promised so if i delete my account and start over, i will only have the 10 free products. This is why i don't want to start over. I will try to contact Payvment and get them to remove all the products from my page but the tab goes to Ecwid when i click on it. I think i'm lost in the ozone with these products. I do NOT want to start over.
Hello Linda,

I have emailed you details. Please, check your mailbox.
Maya N., Ecwid Team

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