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Hello, Philip.

Thank you for contacting Ecwid customer care. My name is Charlie.

Sorry, you have faced this.

ive just been paid by a clinet for a consultation dating back to october he owed me 70 gbp. However its being processed by the risk managment team it looks like . This is my first payment with ewcid and im starting to think I should just stick with the higher fees from payza as ive never had an issue. I verified everything and you said it was all set to take payments. So why am I seeing this? Im owed thousands by clients who couldnt pay with payza for ages because of a technical glitch which is sorted however they dont want to use payza now. So here I am stuck for no reason.
I've checked your account, and indeed it seems like you have two pending transactions on your account. That is so, because the transactions for these order are under review by our payment gateway's risk team. It's a common practise, and it should be released soon, if everything is alright.

You can check out this information in the order details, if you go My Sales > Orders > click on the order > on the right, near the transaction there will be the caption we are looking for. Screenshot:

WePay's (Ecwid Payments) policy states, that reviews typically take 2-5 days. It is not connected to your store specifically, or to your set up. Please, don't worry, the funds should be released shortly.

You also can use other payment gateways along with Ecwid Payments. To see the complete list available, please, go to Settings > Payment > (scroll down a bit) Choose Payment Processor.

And here's the complete list of payment gateways supported by Ecwid with instructions on how to set them up:

Thank you!
Ecwid Customer Care Team
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