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Default Quickbooks integration

My wife is starting an e-publisher in a couple months and I am taking on the task of developing her website (I'm using ASP.NET). Of all the cart systems I've researched Ecwid and 3dCart seem to have the best facebook integration with Ecwid winning out on price, ease of use and support.

Ultimately I want a cart system that can make sales directly from Facebook in addition to the website and push sales directly to an online accounting system (i.e. Quickbooks Online Edition).

After extensive research, in my mind the two most viable options are:

Foxycart w/ ShopTab providing the Facebook component, and ConsoliBYTE providing the pipeline to Quickbooks Online.


Ecwid with some custom programming to integrate w/ Quickbooks Online.

So here's my question to the Ecwid staff or anyone else who is knowledgable... I think with a lot more research I can come up with some ASP.NET code using qbXML to talk to Quickbooks Online. However, I'm unfamiliar with WebHooks... can they be used to trigger Ecwid sales to be pushed to the accounting system?
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