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Originally Posted by david trystman View Post
would you mind telling us how you sorted it out?

We will be glad to advise you. Please clarify what question you have.
If you want to know how you could create many product options at once, I can suggest couple solutions.
For now one can add an option to each product in a standard way, at Ecwid control panel>Catalog>Products>product page.
If you have one or similar set of options you may want to use the duplicate button: to duplicate a product with the defined options, thus you’ll need to change only name, price, description, etc.

Unfortunately, adding an option to multiple existing products at once is not yet available in Ecwid. Please, vote for this idea to get such functionality implemented in Ecwid sooner:

Yet there’s a way to import some options types using X-Cart format. Please check out this article for details:
The article contains detailed information about this import including a sample file.