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Originally Posted by paypal739 View Post
I received instructions on this site as to how to set up my store so that people had to 'like' my page in order to shop at the store. Now the store doesn't show, even when the page has been liked. I did see a solution, which suggested that the radio button on the Settings should be set to Catalog instead of Custom, but I think the Catalog setting will not require people to like the page before shopping. I have practically nothing in the store and have not tried to work with it for a while, but would like to start posting some freebies in order to gain fans.

Here is the page and you can see the shop tab in red:

Store ID: 1715059

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

I've checked your Ecwid shop at Your solution does work: when I open the shop and click 'Like', the shop catalog is fully shown to me.
The only thing is that Chrome gives a blank page because it refuses to load insecure elements on the page. There's a shield icon in the address bar:

It happens because the store is opened via HTTPS ( address, whereas most likely the Ecwid script URL is recorded as HTTP in Custom HTML code (advanced) option in the settings of your Ecwid store: open, click 'Settings', check "HTML code" box. I gather the code uses URL, as a result the browser refuses to connect such URLs and thus the store widgets aren't loaded.
It's not anyhow connected with Ecwid itself - the way Ecwid transfers all the data is totally secure. Rather, it is caused by the way how it is integrated (by custom Facebook HTML tab content).

The issue can be easily fixed by changing the Ecwid script links like this: //
- open, click 'Settings' next to your Ecwid app,
- in "HTML code" box, change the URL as above,
- click 'Save'.
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