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Exclamation PLEASE HELP: FB Store Doesn't Show Even After Page Is Liked

I am sorry to be reposting this, but have received no answers and really want to work on my Facebook store today.

I want customers to have to ‘like’ my Facebook business page in order to shop in my FB store. I followed instructions on this site to include the custom code in my settings and it worked for a while. Now the store doesn't show, even after the page has been liked. I can’t even see the store myself, from either my personal Facebook page or as the administrator on the business page itself.

I did see a solution, which suggested that the radio button on the Settings should be set to Catalog instead of Custom. But won’t the Catalog button allow people to shop without liking the page?

I posted this in the Miscellaneous forum and am sorry to repost, but wanted to get this resolved asap, because I have a freebie to offer in the store in order to gain fans.

Here is the page and you can see the shop tab in red:

Store ID: 1715059

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!