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Originally Posted by David D. Archer View Post
Anyone know how to get downloadable products to their customers. As far as I understand a downloadable link should be sent to the customer email after payment confirmation. I'm getting the confirmation email but no product.

1) how does this apply to free products
2) Is there a special setting I missed

...Thanks for you insight!!!

This is how it works:

Customers add digital products to their carts and go to checkout in the same manner as if it were ordinary products. After the order, containing such a product, has been processed, Ecwid sends an email notification with the download link to the customer. Also the customer can download the product from the order details.

Ecwid will send a notification with the download link only when the order gets Accepted (Paid) payment status.

I have checked your store and as far as I can see all the orders you have on the Sales-> Orders page at the moment have Queued (Awaiting payment) status, that is why the links have not been sent.

In case you want to send out free downloadable files, please, use this instruction:
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