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Originally Posted by TRIFI Vorrat View Post

I am using the single product widget aka "Buy Now Button" on my website and I need the elements inside the widget to be strictly aligned left (so that everything fits with the rest of the page).
When I use the code as-is, it seems like the elements are not left-aligned at all, but actually center-aligned - even though I did not check the center-horizontally option.

I have tried to inspect the elements inside the widget with Google Chrome and I tried both "float:left" and "margin-left: 0px" as well as "margin-left: -30px" (and other numbers), but it either doesn't work at all or the elements are not exactly aligned.

I would really really appreciate some help with this, as I'm out of ideas right now. There must be some easy way to achieve this, as left-aligned is usually the default anyway (afaik).

I only use "options", "quantity selection" and the "buy now button" - no image, no price or anything else - so I would only need the CSS code for those 3 things.
I hope someone around here knows how to get this working Thanks in advance!

This is Una from Ecwid Team. Thank you for reaching out to us!

I see that you also contacted us via email and our agent provided you with the right CSS code. If you have any further questions, please feel free to write us back.


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Una Q.
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