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I have the same question. I have spent multiple hours and have found lots of guidance on what to change, but not where it is found to change it. Sorry, but I am not a programmer. If you want me to use your program long term, it's going to have to have to be much easier to find what to do and where to do it without following a ridiculous number of links. I've lost track of what is in all the tabs I have open. Way, way, way too time consuming. And why am I spending all this time? Because the basic design and options are just not usable out of the box. Please, please, please, make simple click options to hide things like SKU, and the number in inventory. These are almost always unwanted for the consumer. I should not have to go through all of this to get rid of them. And, I should not have to mess with code and work around in stock/out of stock display to achieve a "buy at x,y,x" for some of my items. (where exactly do I enter this HTML again??). I have wasted the time today that I should be spending on content and promotion. And I still do not have it figured out. It should have taken me maybe an hour.