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Default Planned major improvements of our Facebook app

Facebook has recently introduced two major changes. New pages (btw, do you like them?) and iframe tabs for pages.
The "Iframe tabs" change sounds like a geeky stuff, but it means much for all Ecwid users, who are using or planning to use our Facebook app to sell on Facebook.

As you may already know, if you add our app to your FB page, a new app tab named "Products" will appear.
This tab will show some random products from your store and a link to your main full-featured Facebook store.

We choose this way for numerous reasons, the main ones are speed, performance and security.

The great news are that the recently added "Iframe tabs" feature will allow us to show your store right inside the app tab without the drawbacks "old" tabs have!
So, what does it mean for Ecwid users?

1. No more static "Products" tab with random products and "Open your store" button linked to the main FB store. The tab will show a full-featured Ecwid store.

2. Your customers will be able to see your products and browse them as soon as they open the "Products" tab. No extra click anymore!

3. It will be possible to customize the tab's look using custom CSS themes.

I believe your very next question will be "When it will be released?!". : -)
We don't have an exact ETA yet(we need to release v7.0 first), but this improvement are on top of our roadmap.
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