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Originally Posted by Chong CheeHui View Post
Can anyone please guide me how to issue invoice automatically or manually to my customer who had made the payment ?

This is Irene from Ecwid Customer Care Team. I'm sorry that we have kept you waiting so long for our reply!

In general, Ecwid generates an invoice for each new order in your store. Your customers can download their invoices directly on the "Thank you for your order" page:

Also you can find all invoices in the control panel > My Sales > Orders > click "Print invoice" in the leftmost column next to a particular order. Then you can print this invoice or save it on your computer.

Ecwid doesn't send invoices via email automatically, but there is an alternative. Ecwid email notifications are fully customisable, and you can edit the "Order Confirmation" template to turn it into an invoice. You can do it in the control panel > Settings > Mail > click "Edit" next to "Order conformation". Here is the article where you can find the instructions how to edit mail notifications:

Please mind that customisable email notifications are available only for Venture and higher tier plans. Besides this feature, the upgrade will give you more products (100 and more depending on a chosen plan), mobile Ecwid applications for store control, build-in apps, and other helpful features. You can compare all Ecwid plans on this page: or move up your Ecwid plan in the control panel → Billing and Plans.

If any questions arise, feel free to ask. Thanks!