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Originally Posted by heathwdesign View Post

I have a client with a number of bathroom products who wishes to showcase them by brand, type, colour etc. on their website.

They are using the following site as a reference:

When someone does a search for a product, the search returns images of the product in question. Could ECWID's search box function work in the same manner?

(I see from your showcase that one of the following sites seems to operate in a somewhat similar fashion:

They do not want an e-commerce website at the moment. Could the shopping bag, pricing and checkout features be disabled?

Thank you for any assistance.
1. Yes, it is possible to disable shopping bag, pricing and checkout features:

2. At the moment Ecwid doesn't have a built-in "search by type and brand" feature. If you want to have it, please vote for this idea:

Meanwhile you can use this workaround:
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