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Hi Isaiah,

I’m very sorry to see you frustrated. Even though your Ecwid Mobile app trial has expired, you can always access the desktop version of your Ecwid Dashboard here: . You can add, update or remove items in Ecwid Dashboard > Catalog > Products section.

As i can see from your second post, you are not sure how to remove an item from some platform. Could you please specify what exactly platform you are using? If you could send me the link to the page in question, that would be great. This information will help me to assist you further.

If you, for example, remove an item from Ecwid Dashboard, this item will disappear from all the web platforms where this item is currently present.

In case you’ve added the same product using Embed Product to several different websites but would like to remove this product from one storefront only, you should remove the product code from the respective website’s source code itself.
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