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Originally Posted by Max Hefter View Post
Are you not still limited by 520px width? We've already optimized for 760px Facebook Apps by consolidating and reducing the size of Ecwid's default fonts. I also don't see this working well with product options either. Maybe you have a solution. Please seek community input on how you plan to do to address these issues.


When we add new features to Ecwid we follow two main rules:
- new changes and features should not break the existing stores and their look
- new features should look perfect, we don't tolerate not-cool ugly features

So of course all the existing Facebook stores will continue to work as they do now. We will not force anyone to a new FB solution. If you're happy with the current way your FB store works -- that's great and we appreciate your decision. Your store is your store, we will not do any major appearance changes without your permission. We completely understand that many Ecwid users do some custom changes in their stores, so we try to do the best to make sure the new features will not affect such modifications. It makes our life much complex, because keeping the backward compatibility isn't easy, but we believe it's very important for the Ecwid community.

One of the reasons all Ecwid pages weren't displayed in a tab initially and a tab was linked to the main application "canvas" inside Facebook is the fact all the app tabs are 520px wide only. Tabs are too small to show proper checkout and product pages. We admit and completely understand this.

So we're considering the following solution: we will add three new modes of displaying Ecwid store on FB:

- a tab shows some random products and is linked to the main wide Facebook canvas page with the store (the way it works now)

- a tab shows categories/products and allows to browse them without leaving this tab. As soon as you try to view details of any product, you will be redirected to a wide Facebook canvas page (a the necessary product is opened automatically of course)

- a tab shows categories/products and also allows to view product details and checkout in the special Ecwid interface, designed for the narrow pages.

So a merchant will be able to select a view mode, he/she likes the most. This isn't the final decision of course, we're open to all suggestions and ideas!
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