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Originally Posted by Natasha Harbison View Post
I have a website through 1 and 1 and all my products show up when I am viewing from my computer. However, when I switch to my phone (iPhone 5s) it doesn't show up. It gives me a blank section where the store should be.

Is there something I am doing wrong? Im trying to launch my site in the next few days and would love to have the shopping cart on the mobile phones working before I debut.


Ecwid supports responsive layout meaning one and the same storefront can adapt dynamically to the screens from which users are viewing it. More details can be found here:

Ecwid store at is shown from mobiles, the only thing you should open the site in 'web version'. When you open the site in a mobile browser, the site is automatically switched to a mobile view which is different from the web version and doesn't have Ecwid. It displays a link to the web view on the bottom. On clicking it you'll get the full version with Ecwid.

1and1 allows enabling a special view for smartphones. As we've recently figured out, this view doesn't include modules, that you use on your site. Ecwid is inserted as a module therefore the mobile view is shown without Ecwid store unfortunately. Whereas the normal view still shows it.

We have contacted 1and1 regarding this issue and are waiting for their comments. I will keep you posted here.

Meanwhile, you can use this solution: to provide your mobile customers with a link to your starter site - It's perfectly responsive and displayed in all devices. The simple store contains all your catalog, and customers can buy from there as usual.
You could put this link somewhere on your site, e.g, in the header, with a warning like "For mobile view visit this link".

UPDATE: 1and1 has replied with directions concerning this case. The issue relates to the specific function of the mobile view at 1and1 sites. Unfortunately when this view is activated, no applications (including Ecwid) are displayed once customer opens the site from a mobile device. 1and1 is aware of this issue and plan to change this system.
For now as a possible solution, you can disable the mobile view. It can be done in the control center of your website (not Ecwid). If you need help with it, please contact 1and1 support.

Your Ecwid storefront will still be available if viewed from mobile devices. As I mentioned, Ecwid supports responsive layout. If your website doesn't have responsive skin yet, you can use your starter site as a platform for mobile sales -
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