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Originally Posted by Thailand Amulets View Post
Excuse me i would like to offer the opinion that the 'improved printed invoices' migration results in my printer printing five pages with one line on each page
its a tenth of the size of the A4 page i print it on
It does not occupy a central position on the page
it is stuck to the top right half of the page
It looks crap
I of course reset the migration option back to the actually nice looking page filler invoice as it was before, which looks nice except it uses colored ink for the text, but i prefer it to the '
Improved' version which is a total regression in my opinion. a new tab opens with the invoice as a web page and also the print dialogue opens too. I only need one or the other to print, not both.
Whoever developed the new improved printing protocol is a Numbskull

I wish Ecwid would focus on essential features instead of adding the tiny rinky-dinky little features which keep appearing like Acme spots on a teenagers face hidden in the sub-tab menus of the settings - only left there like Long John Silver's treasure for the user to discover when he eventually passes through the migrations tab once a year and notices 'hey! ecwid added a new feature!
do you realise ecwid that i sometimes discover a feature a year after it was added, simply because the only way to know about new features is if you accidentally see them as you browse the settings and options menus of ecwid cp
i think its like burying a bag of money and not telling anybody
Like 'lets put this new option in a very hidden submenu and not tell a single user about it'
i mean i have never recieved a single notification about any new feature added to cp ever.
what is that suppose to be? Do you expect users to just stumble on the new options you add every time?
The disadvantages of not owning my own software on my own server and beiing subjected to your constant interruptions to my editing because of 'we are updating our app' messages is becoming ever more apparrent. If i have my own ecommerce software on my own server instead of this hosted method with ecwid, i would not have to wait for you to finish your updates all the time and would not havce my work deleted or interrupted by them.

Thank you for contacting us! First, please accept our apologies for the issues you have to face while working with new order invoices.

To find a solution to this problem, we need you to provide the following details:

1. In what browser does the issue occur? What version does this browser have?
2. What operating system and device (e.g. Microsoft Windows 8 on a desktop computer) do you have?
3. Have you tried to print the new invoices in another browser on your device? Does the issue occur in other browsers on your device or in a particular one? In which one?
4. If possible, provide a screenshot of the printing dialogue window, where the listed problem are visible?

This information will help us to reproduce the problems and find a solution.

New HTML invoices indeed are opened in the new browser tab with a printing dialogue window above the webpage with the generated template. We followed this approach on purpose, as it allows to print invoices in all browsers correctly. Before the implementation of this method some browsers were reported to print the invoices at a 1:2 scale.

This adjustment may appear inconvenient at first. But we hope, that users might get used to it in future, taking into account that this was necessary for proper functioning of new HTML-invoice templates.

When adding new functionalities to Ecwid, we enable them by default for the newly registered users. At the same time we do not force the existing users to switch to the new functionality, unless they decide to do so. An existing client might have already customized their store, and the forceful update might corrupt their settings. We add the ability to switch a new feature on and off in the "Migrations" tab for making these changes compatible with each existing account, not for hiding the new functionality from the users.

Referring to being not properly informed about new Ecwid features, we are really sorry for the frustration! Implementing "Improved printed invoices" feature was only an initial step in the development of a bigger functionality with editable invoice templates. We have released editable invoices about 2 weeks ago. At the moment we are collecting initial feedback from our customers in order to fix the possible bugs. A bit later we will make an official announcement, introducing this feature.

As you probably know, Ecwid team announces new Ecwid features as well as other important changes and news in the following places:
- Ecwid blog:
- Facebook page:
- Twitter:
- Forum:

You're welcome to follow any of these resources to stay informed on the updates.
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