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Originally Posted by mydivalockshair View Post
Ok...I am trying to set my store prices up.. I am having a hard time deciding if I should use the drop down category or the radio buttons. When I use radio it shows that I am adding 5.00 for every different item which i don't like, but the prices are right. When i use the drop down option it charges double at check out. Example if a product is $60.00 it will charge $120.00

I sell items with different lengths each length has a different price. Will someone please help me again. I got some info from another user on the form but I'm still lost. I've watched the video and all... I need help PLEASE!!!!!!!!! I appreciate anyone who does

Actually, it is not the options input type that influences whether the the final product price will change or not, but the price modifier you assign to the option selection.

I sell items with different lengths each length has a different price.
In case the final product price depends on the length chosen, the length selection price modifiers should contain the value which changes the basic price (adds to it in your case). In your store the price modifiers contain the final price. As a result the price modifier value adds to the basic price, and in the cart you see the product price twice as high.

In order stop the prices from doubling, to the options price modifiers you need to assign the values which should change the final price not replace it.

Please, refer to this article for details on product options:
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