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Originally Posted by thanhha146 View Post
Hi all,

I have set up my store on Face Book and alll is working fine.

I just added it to my Wordpress site but it does not show my store. It appears to show a demo (see attachment)

How can I point the website to the correct store?


It's Pixie from Ecwid team. Thanks for contacting us!

I've checked our database and found the store ID:18989014 associated with your nickname thanhha146. As I see this is a newly created store, it isn't set up yet and has just sample products.

In order to start selling you should add your own products, configure payment and shipping methods, taxes, etc. Just in case, here is an article about the initial store setup:

If you have another Ecwid account, please send us its store ID and the link to your WP site at Please refer to this article to learn where you can find your store ID:

We'll be glad to check your store and help add this to your site.

As well, please make sure you added the store to your WordPress website following the steps from this article:

Hope this helps!