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Originally Posted by Miro Straka View Post
we have built website which enables customers to create their own products and upload them to our server to manufacture.
Right now we are choosing proper e commerce solution, and while ecwid looks nice enough, we re not sure about the custom possibilities with it.
Would it possible lets say, that upon uploading of the file unique string is generated, which refer to the file and gets somehow "fed" to the checkout, so we know which order references which upload?
Hope the question is somehow clear, any help greatly appreciated.
Hello! Thanks for contacting us.

Currently Ecwid offers Product options that you can setup to let your customers choose variations of different options your product comes with.
For example, your customers can upload files to their orders using the special type of product options - 'Upload file'. To use this feature you need to add a new option to your product (Ecwid control panel -> product details page -> Options tab) and choose the type 'Upload Files' for it. Once you save your changes, the product details page in the storefront will feature a new option below the price field, allowing to upload a file. This option is automatically required to fill before adding the product to bag - customer will only be able to buy such product after uploading the file. Once your customer places the order with such product, in the Ecwid control panel -> Sales tab, on that order page you will see this order and a link to download the file your customer has attached.

Hope this answers your question. If you are interested in anything else, please feel free to ask - we are always very glad to help!
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