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Originally Posted by Murtaza Saifuddin1 View Post
Attn: Support

Dear Sir,

Its been two days i have emailed that i cant do test sample sales, our Eid festival season is coming after 30 days, we have stop advertising on Facebook waiting for Ecwid issue to solved first, then we could start again, time is crucial please solve issue asap.

I have created New Formal Dress Product and i have connected my account 2checkout, now at Test sale , now when i click at Place Test Order, this below site opens , why i cant place a test order, what mistake i am doing? (The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed.

My Store ID : 4974117

best regards,
Murtaza Saifuddin

Jumbo Super Mall
Hello, Murtaza.

We’re very sorry you’ve got to this issue. I’ll be happy to help.

First of all, please don’t worry, your Facebook store is up and running here
You can open it and test how it works.
I was able to place a test order and when I clicked “continue shopping” button on payments details page I was redirected to 2CO site. Here is my screenshot:

My understanding is, you’re trying to place a test order from the Ecwid control panel, through the wizard and Dashboard: you click on “Place test order” and it directed you to this link
This link is formed with the store URL submitted in your Ecwid control panel at System Settings>General>Store Profile. This setting should contact this URL Apparently there was another one when you tried to place a test order.
This issue does not anyhow impact your live Ecwid store. Once you install our app for Facebook, the shop started displaying on your Facebook page.

As I see the store URL is now which is right, and you should be able to place a test order from the Dashboard. Please confirm.
Sergey G., Ecwid Team
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