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Originally Posted by Selena Johnes View Post
Hello Stacy_P!

Thanks very much for getting back to me and providing such detailed explanation! As a matter of fact I've been advised to use iDempiere (OSGI + Adempiere) on Java for accounting mostly. I guess I'll have to turn to the support service in case I badly need help.

That's great news! I'll have to look further into that as well.
Hi Selena!

Thank you for the message! I’m glad to know that was helpful for you!

In order to find more useful articles with instructions about managing your Ecwid store, refer to this link:

In case you are interested in custom integration with iDempiere system, please, fill in this form: You need to explain details of the integration:
- what features do you want to integrate;
- what exactly information should be transmitted from Ecwid to iDempiere;
- what exactly information should be transmitted from iDempiere to Ecwid;
- any other details you like.

Feel free to ask if you have further questions. I’d be glad to assist!
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