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Originally Posted by Gail Bourne View Post

Yes. The Price in the Add to Bag (xx.xxNZD). I would like to change this color to Red without changing the "Price" in the Product Browser - which I have already changed using the following code:

div.ecwid-productBrowser-price {
/* feel free to change the code below*/
font-size: 20px;
color: #ffffc1;

The above code also changed the Price Color in the "Add to Bag" box which I wanted to remain Red.

Hope this is clear and thank you for the quick response. Now that I know how responsive you are I will be asking more questions in the future.

I am a beginner, if it is not apparent already.

As far as I can see, the last CSS rule you currently have in your Ecwid CSS theme is:

div.ecwid-productBrowser-details div.ecwid-productBrowser-price {
color: f8081e;
and exactly this color is used to display the color of the price on the products details pages. If you change the code color in it to red (#A20505, for example), the price will turn red. Please try and let me know the result.

Please also note that the closer a rule is to the bottom of the CSS theme, the higher priority it has.