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Originally Posted by Karin Marks View Post

I have successfully integrated the product browser, search bar, and shopping bag into my website. However, when I view it on my IPhone using either Chrome or Safari, it says " Widget/ HTML Onlly available in Web View. If customers click on "Web View," it takes them to the site without optimization, where they can fully use the product browser, but that will confuse them and defeats the purpose of optimizing for smart phones.

Please make a suggestion? If I need to provide a screenshot, please tell me which screen and how to do it. Thank you.

UPDATE: I just got off the phone with my 1&1MyWebsite, my host, and they told me it would require a code edit through ECWid to make the widget show in mobile view.
Hello Karin,

Thank you for the report.

We are looking into the issue. I will keep you posted.

Note: while we're investigating it, you may consider placing a link to the hosted mobile version of your Ecwid store to your site. The link is: . It is displayed fine on any device so you can encourage your visitors with mobile devices to follow it.

UPDATE: We asked an 1and1 representative regarding this matter and they have replied with directions concerning this case. The issue relates to the specific function of the mobile view at 1and1 sites. Unfortunately when this view is activated, no applications (including Ecwid) are displayed once customer opens the site from a mobile device. 1and1 is aware of this issue and plan to change this system.
For now as a possible solution, you can disable the mobile view. It can be done in the control center of your website (not Ecwid). If you need help with it, please contact 1and1 support.
Matt K
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