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Originally Posted by Sz.Janos View Post
Hi ginger, thanks for your respond.
I know how to make custom rate table for shipping cost. What i want, is to integrate this shipper. Could you give me a contact, so let me email the core instructions, how to integrate their API to your webshop system?

thanks for sharing the instruction. Integrating Ecwid with a new shipping carrier is considered as a new feature. Let me explain how new features appear in Ecwid. Most of Ecwid features are implemented because of the clients’ requests. When we develop new functionalities, our aim is to choose the top-requested ones, beneficial and useful for as many merchants as possible.

Ecwid Ideas Base is one of the resources that shows us what features are currently in need. We analyse the suggested ideas, estimate their value to a wide range of Ecwid users and make a decision, which of them will be applied. Share your idea with us (post it in the ideas base) and we’ll consider its implementation. Thank you!
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